It may seem like a stunt only a narcissist or seriously forgetful person would do, but going pantless on the SkyTrain is now a thing for hundreds of people in Vancouver.

"Honestly it's skyrocketed, the no pants event skyrocketed," said Larry Piché, who organizes the No Pants SkyTrain Ride in Vancouver with Vancouver Improv Anywhere.

This year's event takes place Sunday Jan. 10.

The group began the stunt in 2009, copying an improv troupe's similar ride in New York City that began in 2002. 

According to Piché it is a "celebration of silliness, just getting out there and having fun."

No more than 20 people participated in Vancouver in the first year, bravely getting on the SkyTrain, then removing their pants and telling other riders that the article of clothing was "getting uncomfortable."

Last year, more the 400 people took part.

"We just crowded the Broadway SkyTrain Station, it was to capacity, there were people on the platform from one yellow line to the other," said Piché, who says he gets asked every year why people want to do this.

"It's just, it's fun, it's different. I think it appeals to a wide range of people, the age of participants ranges in age from six to 60."

Make people laugh

For a seemingly bizarre and random event, there is quite a bit of organization behind the No Pants SkyTrain Ride, which Piché says TransLink supports.

"The mission is to make people laugh, not piss them off," said the release from Vancouver Improv Anywhere.

Participants will gather at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Sunday before dividing into three different groups and heading to either Burrard Station, Vancouver City Centre or Granville Station to ride a loop that ends at Broadway Station.

Organizers like Piché say requirements for participation are simple: you need to be willing to take your pants off on the SkyTrain and be able to "keep a straight face about it."

"Get some special underwear, go with a friend, that makes it a little bit easier and guaranteed you're going to be hooked after doing it the one time," he added.

Vancouver Improv Anywhere has even made commemorative T-shirts for this year's edition and is offering an after-party.