You know his voice already — but starting this morning you can watch The Early Edition's Rick Cluff in action in Studio 10.

The Early Edition, Vancouver's #1 local morning radio show, will also be broadcast live on CBC Television weekdays between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.

You will be able to watch host Rick Cluff, traffic and weather reporter Amy Bell, newsreader Cecilia Walters and the rest of the team as they bring you all the local news and stories you need to begin your day.

"It's all about making a great morning show available to more people," said Cluff.

"We want to be wherever our audience is — whether it's on radio, online or television. It's also a chance for our audience to see our team working behind the scenes."

To make this happen, cameras and lighting have been installed throughout The Early Edition studio and control room.

The cameras are voice-triggered and focus on whoever is speaking at the time 

The system works remotely, leaving The Early Edition team to do what it does best — make great radio.

You will also see continuous local headlines and weather on the screen, to round out the information you need in the morning.


The Early Edition's traffic and weather reporter Amy Bell.

The Early Edition will still air from 5:00 a.m. PT to 8:30 a.m. PT on Radio One.

So you could wake up to The Early Edition on your radio or mobile device, watch Cluff and the team in action on the television over breakfast, and then catch the rest of the show in the car on CBC Radio One.

So starting Tuesday, Sep. 8, you have one more place to tune into your favourite morning show — CBC Television.

You can find The Early Edition on CBC Television, CBC Radio One (88.1 FM or 690 AM), streaming online at or on your CBC Radio app.