A Coquitlam, B.C., mother is speaking publicly about car-surfing after her 21-year-old son died Friday after attempting the dangerous stunt.

Jordan Ward suffered severe brain injuries and later died in hospital after falling off the roof of a moving car in a type of stunt increasingly depicted on YouTube and in some video games such as the Grand Theft Auto series.

His mother, Errone Ward, said Jordan wasn't what she would call a daredevil, but he did do some stupid things.

"Very few were life risking," Ward said Monday. "But I mean, he was bulletproof. He was 21. Guys at that age group, they make terrible decisions."

The incident happened less than a block from Ward's home, where he lived with his mother.

Alcohol a factor

He and some friends had driven to a local store to buy cigarettes. They had been drinking.


Errone Ward said her son was not a daredevil, but made some bad decisions. (CBC)

"On the way back, Jordan said, 'Maybe I should [car surf],' and his buddy said 'You're nuts. Don't,'" Errone Ward said. "And the girl [driver]

said, 'Try it. Go on do it,' and off he went. Climbed out the window and fell off the car."

He is the second B.C. car-surfing fatality in a month.  A 25 year-old Kelowna man celebrating a birthday died in early June after tumbling off the roof of a moving car.

"Nothing is worse than alcohol for kids," said Errone Ward. "That's when they make all the wrong choices."

Police are still investigating Jordan Ward's death. No charges have been  laid.

With files from the CBC's Lisa Johnson and Robert Zimmerman