Record-breaking amounts of snow have been falling across Kitimat and Terrace in northern B.C. since Thursday.

The snow storm is part of the same weather system, known as a Pineapple Express, that is bringing heavy moisture to much of the province's coast.

Kitimat has received 120 cm of snow since Thursday morning and another 10 to 20 cm is expected on Friday night. That mean it's on track to beat the past 24-hour snowfall record of 112 cm, which was set on Feb. 5, 1961.

Kitimat weather Feb 2015

More than 160 cm of snow has fallen on Kitimat since Thursday morning. (Environment Canada)

The power has been out in several homes for several hours and all flights are cancelled at the Kitimat-Terrace airport.

The District of Kitimat is asking residents to stay off the roads as municipal crews try to clear streets of snow, fallen trees and power lines.

It's also warning people to conserve water as power outages have caused problems with the town's water system.

Robin Rowland, a Kitimat resident, says the snow has almost reached the rooftops on his street.

"The snow is piled up so high that you can hardly see out of the windows of the house," said Rowland.

The power is still out in his home and may not come back on until Saturday morning.

Terrace may also break a 24-hour all-time snow record; it's seen 111 cm fall so far.

Resident Hilary Zornow says the snow has kept her family indoors all day.

"I thought it was really pretty at first but now I'm starting to feel a little trapped," said Zornow.

To listen to the full interview with Robin Rowland and Tyler Noble in Kitimat, click on the audio labelled Record-breaking snowfall blowing through Kitimat.

With files from Johanna Wagstaffe