Tenants fear eviction from Downtown Eastside rooms

Tenants of two run-down Downtown Eastside SRO hotels are concerned that new owners might want to do a wholesale renovation of their buildings and toss residents onto the street, the CBC's Eric Rankin reports.

Tenants of a controversial former landlord on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside now fear a new threat — developers intent on gentrifying the troubled neighbourhood.

There are concerns that if the new owners the of the infamous Palace Hotel on Hastings Street and Wonder Rooms on Cordova Street renovate, they’ll hike rents to a level that would force the 71 residents out onto the street.

There's no doubt that the buildings desperately need repairs to deal with fire safety issues and pest infestations.

But as the CBC’s Eric Rankin reports, community workers are hopeful that the residences can be maintained as low-income housing.