A 45-metre high cellphone tower outside of Oliver, B.C. was knocked down last week by someone intent on causing "willful damage," and RCMP are looking for the public's help finding the culprit.

The Telus-owned tower, which sits on top of Fairview Mountain west of Oliver, was damaged over Thursday afternoon, degrading wireless service in the area, said Telus.

No copper wire or other materials was stolen, so RCMP believe someone took the tower down on purpose.

"The sole intent of the suspects was to damage the tower," said Cpl. Dan Moskaluk. "The actual motives or who or why, that remains unclear."

The tower had been in that location for about 20 years, Telus said in a statement.

Telus crews access the site by helicopter, the company said, so with such extensive damage it will take time to repair, and in the meantime technicians are working "around the clock" on a temporary fix to restore some service.

'Serious matter'

Those without a helicopter can only reach the site by foot or ATV, said Moskaluk, so whoever damaged the tower put some effort into getting there.

"Certainly the individual would not have been able to simply drive a vehicle up, right up to it," he said.

Moskaluk said RCMP consider the matter "quite serious," both for the costly damage and potential to disrupt anyone trying to call 9-1-1 in the area.

Investigators have photographed and seized evidence from the scene, and anyone with information is asked to contact Oliver RCMP at 250-485-6220 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.


The tower is only accessible by foot, ATV or helicopter, so whoever went up there to vandalize it put in some effort, said RCMP. (RCMP)