Two teenagers have been credited for pulling out an RCMP officer from a flipped car in northeastern B.C.

Kaiden McGowan and Tanner Merrick were eating supper when they saw a truck rush past McGowan's home in Pouce Coupe on Tuesday night.

"We saw a cop car pursuing it and then the power went out," Merrick told CBC. "We just knew someone had been in an accident, so we rushed out."

That's when they saw the flipped, mangled car resting on the driver's side.

Pried the door open

"When we got there, there was a cop SUV on its side against the power pole. And there was a little fire in the engine compartment," McGowan said. 

"So, we were yelling at him and pounding on the car. And we didn't hear anything so Tanner hopped up on top and we started prying open the door and we could hear some mumbling at this point."

They helped the police officer and then turned their attention to the flames.

"And then we threw a bunch of snowballs to put out a small engine fire."

The officer eventually put out the fire with an extinguisher, said Cpl. Dave Tyreman in an email.

He says the officer was trying to catch up with a "suspected violator" and as he applied the brakes while approaching an intersection to see which way the truck had gone, the car slid off the road.

The officer was injured and McGowan and Merrick said he thanked them for their help. 

To hear the full story listen to the audio labelled: Teens rescue RCMP officer from flipped police car

With files from Andrew Kurjata