A 14-year-old Williams Lake boy was robbed of his BMX bike at gunpoint on his birthday, RCMP said Tuesday.

Police say they were approached Monday by a "frantic youth" who told them his friend had just been robbed at the nearby Boitanio Skate Park. 

Surveillance video of the incident has since been released.  The robbery takes place at 9:45 on the tape.

 The robbery takes place at 9:45 on the tape

The teens told police they were approached by three men, from a group of six who were in the park, when one of the three pulled out a silver handgun and pointed it at the boy. 

Officers went to the park but didn't find anyone.

Robbed bike

This red and black MacNeil BMX-style bike was allegedly robbed from a teen in Williams Lake. (RCMP)

Police say they are looking for an indigenous man, five feet nine inches tall, wearing a camouflage hoodie

Another man who was with the suspect was also an indigenous man who was wearing a black and grey sweater. 

The bike is described as a red and black MacNeil BMX-style bike. The last five digits of the serial number are 82044.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Williams Lake RCMP at 250-392-6211. 

To listen to the full interview, click the link labelled: Williams Lake Gunpoint Robbery caught on video.