Nearly two-thirds of British Columbians oppose a full-scale strike by the province’s teachers, although a slim majority also oppose the B.C. government’s legislation imposing a contract on the teachers, an Ipsos Reid opinion poll suggests.

When asked if they would support, "Teachers taking a full-scale-strike action, such as withdrawing classroom instruction for four days a week for two weeks," 32 per cent of respondents said they would support such a move while 62 per cent said they would oppose it.

When asked if they would support, "The provincial government legislating an end to the contract dispute and imposing a contract on teachers," 43 per cent supported the idea, while 52 per cent opposed it.

And when asked, "Which side do you think has been more fair and reasonable in these contract negotiations," teachers also had a slight edge in public opinion, although neither side was favoured by a majority, according to the poll.

Teachers were supported by 31 per cent of respondents and the government by 29 per cent, while an answer that neither side was being more fair and reasonable was given by 23 per cent.

The poll of 1,030 adult British Columbians was conducted by Ipsos Reid  on Tuesday and Wednesday. The margin of error is said to plus or minus 3.1 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

The B.C. Teachers Federation has announced its members will stage a three-day walkout starting Monday.

Provincial legislation imposing a six-month cooling-off period and the appointment of a mediator in the contract dispute is not expected to be passed for until late in March.