Thousands of people across B.C. have applied for volunteer positions to help support the influx of Syrian refugees, but everyone can help out in their own small way, says the head of a B.C. volunteer organization.

"Think of all the things that your neighbours do: They're your babysitters. They are the people who take care of your house when you're away, and your pets," said Stacy Ashton, the executive director of Community Volunteer Connections, a volunteer centre serving the Coquitlam and New Westminster area.

"All of those things you build over time when you live somewhere. If you are brand new, you have to start that from scratch."

The Immigrant Services Society of B.C. says it's inundated with volunteers wanting to help Syrian refugees, after nearly 6,000 people stepped up to offer their help.

Ashton is working with other organizations to make sure volunteers and support services are geographically distributed around the province.

"What we know is if the refugees decide to move from their destination spot to somewhere else in Canada in the first year, it's because they haven't found the social support they need."

In the video above Ashton explains to host Gloria Macarenko what newcomers need, and how everyone can help in some way.