Surrey RCMP have issued a warning following an alleged sex assault in South Surrey Monday night that they say bears striking similarities to another attack in White Rock 11 days ago.

Last night's alleged attack took place on a trail in the Alderwood Park area, where a 38-year-old woman says she was approached from behind by a male who uttered threats before throwing her to the ground and attempting to remove her clothes.

Alderwood Park Surrey B.C.

Surey RCMP say there are striking similarities between an alleged sex assault in Alderwood Park Monday night, and an earlier incident in White Rock. (

As the woman was being dragged by the suspect into the bushes, she reportedly fought him off, scratching him and managing to headbutt him, before breaking free and calling the police.

The suspect is described as approximately 35 to 42 years of age, six feet tall, with dark hair. He was wearing dark baggy pants with a large square belt buckle, a dark hoodie with a string, and a dark baseball cap.

Police say he may show signs of a fight, including a black eye, a broken nose or scratches.

A number of similarities to the earlier attack in White Rock were noticed by investigators, prompting a warning to women in the area, although police say it is too early to be certain the attacks are connected.

"We are not able to conclusively link the two investigations at this early stage. Some of the similarities in the two investigations caused our investigators to take notice," Sgt. Dale Carr said in a statement.