A Surrey, B.C., woman says the thieves targeting her super mailbox are getting so sophisticated they now appear to have copies of the keys, enabling them to steal mail whenever they please.

The issue is bound to raise concerns for millions of Canadian living in urban areas who will soon have their home delivery replaced with super mailboxes.

Christine Larsen said she is furious about the lack of security of her super mailbox.


A CBC investigation revealed that super mailboxes in B.C. were targeted by thieves and vandals thousands of times in the past five years. (CBC)

"We've been broken into five or six times," Larsen said.

The first few times a crowbar was used to get inside the community mailbox, but then she says, "They seemed to get hold of the actual key."

Now, Larsen said they can come and go as they please.

"We don't know when we're going to get hit again."

Canada Post offers to change locks

Canada Post spokeswoman Anick Losier said locks will be changed free of charge.

She said mailbox theft is a small problem across most of the country, but a big one in B.C. A CBC News investigation found thousands of super mailboxes have been targeted across the province in recent years.

"Half of any incidents reported in Canada, are in the Lower Mainland," Losier said.

"Especially in the Lower Mainland we are dealing with highly organized, highly equipped individuals or groups of individuals."

Losier said the Crown corporation has developed higher-security boxes to replace the old ones in problem areas and that it's working with police to catch thieves.

"Certainly, we as well as local authorities are very much aware of it and just trying to develop new ways to deter these activities.

"If you see something suspicious please report it to Canada Post or your local authority."

Meanwhile, the union representing postal workers said the theft problems will persist — unless the company reconsiders its plan to replace home delivery with super mailboxes in all urban areas.         

With files from Luke Brocki