Why should kids have all the fun?

Matt Margetts and his business partner Clayton Lanoue believe summer camp should extend well beyond the tender years and include silly fun and remote getaways for adults.

That's why they started their company The Wild Rumpus.

Margetts admits he never went to camp as a child. "I felt I really didn't need camp as a kid. But now I do as an adult." 

Wild Rumpus claims to help adult campers disconnect from technology and return to simpler times by making new friends in the woods.

"That's something we're missing in today's society is that personal connection. Face to face, one on one," says Lanoue.

The Wild Rumpus Adult Summer Camps

(The Wild Rumpus)

Camp activities

Wild Rumpus offers a range of camp activities and actively encourages campers to wear fun costumes.

However, this is not your usual childhood camping experience. Wild Rumpus serves alcoholic beverages in the evening with different theme parties planned for each day.

"It's more intimate, it's more wholesome," says Margetts, "you get to play with everybody."

Lanoue mentions there is no focus on a big artist or DJ at a summer camp. "The activities at camp facilitate interaction," says Lanoue.

The Wild Rumpus attendee demographic varies in age. Singles and couples are intermingled between co-ed and gender-specific cabins.

Lanoue mentions that an adult camp allows the same opportunity to mingle with a diverse crowd like a children's camp does.

"That's how you make friends outside your comfort zone."