A Lower Mainland fashion designer who creates costumes for exotic dancers says she has been prevented from taking part in an upcoming fashion show in Abbotsford because of her choice of models.

Charlene Rowley wanted to use exotic dancers to wear her designs on the runway, as she tries to market the costumes.

The stay-at-home mom says the show's producer felt it would be too risqué to use the dancers.

"It was hard enough finding them. And I said, 'OK, so if I changed my models, would that make a difference?'"

"And he said, 'Yeah, it probably would.'"

Show's producer concerned about dancers and attire

Murray Olcat, who is producing the show, agrees he had concerns about Rowley's choice of models, but also says the designs are a potential problem.

"Fantasy Dance Wear makes, for the most part, stripper costumes, and that's what her application was put in as. And that doesn't appeal to the broad audience, or most of our audience."

Olcat says Rowley still hasn't sent pictures of her designs, and he might reconsider if the costumes aren't too provocative. But Rowley says it's now too late to book models for the show, which begins Oct. 20.