After the Stanley Cup riot in June 2011, Vancouver police launched one of the largest investigations in Canadian history, with the aim of identifying and charging hundreds of people who participated in the mass vandalism and looting.

More than two years later, police say 268 people have been charged with a total of 814 charges.

The Crown prosecutor office says 132 pleaded guilty thus far, and one person was found guilty after a trial.

Here are some of the sentences some of the convicted rioters received.

Sophie Laboissonniere.

Ryan Dickinson, 20, from Coquitlam.

Spencer Kirkwood, 26.

Vasilios Makris, 29.

Jonathan Mahoney.

Rag Gu Rock Gue Kim, also known as Rocky.

Chelsea Andrews, of Surrey, B.C.

Willmar Ovando-Renderos.

Camille Cacnio, 23.

Aman Singh Aujla.

  • was convicted of mischief for smashing a store window and trashing an unmarked police car.
  • Sentenced to serve 45 days in jail, but only on weekends, after his lawyer, Russ Chamberlain, successfully argued he should be allowed to continue boxing in Friday night tournaments to keep his Olympic dream alive.