UBC student Andrew Peepre taunts a police officer during the Stanley Cup riot. (YouTube)

The Crown is appealing the sentences given to two Stanley Cup rioters in Vancouver, saying the penalties should be tougher.

The cases involve Alexander Peepre and Lincoln Kennedy-Williams, who both pleaded guilty to participating in a riot, while Peepre also admitted to assault.

The Crown wanted a nine-month jail term for Peepre but he got 60 days, to be served on weekends. Kennedy-Williams got 90 days in jail, also on weekends, although the Crown asked for a six-month jail term.

The Criminal Justice branch said Friday it will file appeals for longer terms in both cases, but won't comment on the specifics.

The Vancouver Police Department agrees with the Crown's decision to appeal the sentences.

"The police and Crown are working very well together and the VPD fully supports Crown's decision to appeal the sentences for these rioters," Chief Jim Chu said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Crown has decided against appeals in two other cases, including Camille Cacnio, who received a suspended sentence, and Sean Burkett, who got a three-month conditional term.

The judge in the Cacnio case said jail time wasn't necessary, partly because of the shaming she got on the Internet after the riot.

The Criminal Justice Branch said it doesn't think an appeal would succeed in her case or Burkett's.