Vancouver's B.C. Place Stadium took three hours to inflate. ((CBC))

Engineering, technical and safety teams reinflated the Teflon-coated fabric roof at B.C. Place Stadium in Vancouver, Friday, in a process that took just under three hours.

Graham Ramsay, the business development director of B.C. Place, said the reinflation was successful.

"As expected, it went really well. [The] next show we have [is] starting on Tuesday, so there is a lot of work to be done. But we are confident we can get it done prior to the show opening.

"Primarily, it involves our floor port areas, the electrical [system]. The rest of the building really is in quite good shape."

Theinflating processbegan slowly around the edges of the dome, with the centre being the last section to go up.

When it wasdone, engineers inspected itto make sure it was safe.

Ramsay said the temporary patch used to repair the roof will be replaced in a few months with a permanent panel.

A preliminary engineering report released a week ago said the dramatic deflation on Jan. 5 was the result of a weakened spot in the original panel, combined with a communications error and gusty winds.

When the roof started to sag that morning, two workers activated additional fans at the same time to reinflate it— independently of each other— which caused the blowout of the roof panel.