Stabbed Vancouver police dog released from clinic

Vancouver police dog Teak has been released from an animal clinic after surgery for stab wounds suffered while confronting a suspect Friday night.
Teak released from clinic after surgery for stab wounds suffered on duty 1:54

Vancouver police service dog Teak has been released from an animal clinic after suffering stab wounds in a confrontation with a suspect Friday night.

The German shepherd underwent two surgeries for his injuries but survived.

'Teak was in good physical condition, so he tolerated his wound well even though it was quite severe," said veterinarian Alan Kuzma. "If it was you or me, we wouldn't be going home a day after surgery."

Teak will be retired from service to live at home with his handler, who was very relieved the dog survived.

"You dont expect to see your partner opened up like that. I didn't know what the future was going to be, just wanted to take care of him as best I could," said Const. Derrick Gibson.

"He's save my life more times than I can relate and vice versa."

Teak was slashed as he held a man being sought in the attempted robbery of a gas station in south Vancouver.

Police dogs often find themselves in harm’s way, according to K-9 unit officer Sgt. Scott Hogg.

"Most of the time they're the first ones there, the handler and the dog most of the time working alone. So at times they're confronting serious incidents," Hogg said.

Teak has served with Vancouver police since 2007 and will be eight years old in March.