Speeding, alcohol and driver inattentiveness are top factors in fatal collisions in British Columbia, according to anew national report.

And more than two million Canadians admit they're aggressive drivers who speed excessively, run red lights and display anger toward other drivers, according to the report by the Traffic Research Injury Foundation.


Aggressive behaviour behind the wheel, including tailgating, is a major cause of stress. ((CBC))

The report, released Tuesday, saysthe top factors in fatal collisions in B.C. were speeding (36.7%), alcohol (27.1%) and driver inattention (24.4%).

As for injury collisions in the province, the factors include driver inattention (34.7%), speeding (20.2%) and driver error or confusion (18.4%).

Aggressive behaviour by other drivers is a major cause of stress, some Vancouver motorists told CBC News Wednesday.

"Most of the people who're tailgating or running the red light are not carrying a heart in the cooler for the heart operation," said Celia Eteen.

"You can definitely not be an aggressive driver but witnessing that kind of behaviour, and it stresses you out," the new mother said.


A driver makes an illegal lane change in the rain. ((CBC))

"Even if I don't have the confrontation it distracts me from my driving," saidJon Raitt. "Because if i'm angry, I'm not paying full attention. I'm uptight."

The report also findsdrivers between the ages of 16 and 44 are most likely to behave aggressively. Half of the people polled said they think the penalties for aggressive driving should be as severe as those for impaired driving.

The foundation, composed of professional research scientists in Canada and the United States, aims to reduce traffic related deaths and injuries by designing, promoting and implementing effective programs and policies.