Speeding motorcyclist busted by own GoPro camera at 213 km/h

Police in Delta, B.C., should have an easy job proving a motorcycle rider was going too fast — he recorded his own ride, hitting more than 100 km/h over the speed limit on his speedometer.

Biker wearing GoPro camera captures himself weaving between cars at 100 km/h over the posted speed

Biker caught on his own GoPro speeding through traffic 1:01

Police in Delta, B.C., should have an easy job proving a motorcycle rider was going too fast — he recorded his own ride, which showed him hitting more than 220 km/h on the bike's speedometer.

The 27-year-old motorcyclist was pulled over by Delta police on South Fraser Perimeter Road in April, after a laser speed detector showed he was travelling 213 km/h in an 80 km/h zone, according to police.

After he was stopped, officers noticed he was wearing a GoPro and seized the video camera.

Once they downloaded the video, police were able to watch the rider weaving between cars and around large trucks at high speeds, "putting himself and other road users at considerable risk," said police.

The police department released the video on YouTube Tuesday, with the motorcyclist's permission, intending it to be an educational tool.

The motorcyclist has been charged with excessive speed and riding without due care and attention, said police. He also was handed more than $1,000 in infractions, but it's not clear if the rider has paid the fines yet, or will dispute them.

Several years ago, a motorcyclist posted a similar video on YouTube of himself hitting 300 km/h on a Victoria highway. The owner of that motorcycle was eventually charged with dangerous driving, but was later found not guilty in the case because of doubts over whether the accused had been operating the bike.

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