A Special Olympian from White Rock has lost her custom bowling gear to thieves two weeks before she's due to compete in the national championships.

Keirra Stoneham, 26, brought back gold last year after being invited to compete in the provincial championships.


Keirra was in good form Thursday and throwing the ball well. (CBC)

In July she will compete for B.C. at the Special Olympics Canada Summer Games.

But her game took a major hit earlier this week.

Someone stole her bowling balls, tote bag and custom shoes from her family's White Rock carport — gifts that she had won at the provincial tournament.

Her mother Leslie says no one else can really use the gear to play because the holes were drilled specific to Keirra's grasp on both balls. 

"She's got an eight and a ten-pin ball. So like I said, nobody...it would be uncomfortable.  A man couldn't fit his hands in there," she said.

Keirra's bowling alley steps up

Thankfully, Keirra's bowling alley, Sandcastle Lanes, has stepped up to help.


Keirra's bowling alley Sandcastle Lanes has stepped up to supply her replacements for the bowling balls, custom shoes and tote bag that were taken from her. (CBC)

"We just instantly got some balls ordered that are coming for her, so she can still bowl in the nationals with her own equipment," says Sandcastle's Jennifer Lowe.

It won't be the same as her specialized gear and custom shoes, complete with flames on them, but Keirra and her mom are hoping whoever took them will bring them back.

"Hopefully that this does hit somebody's heart and they do just drop it off. I mean, they can drop it off at the bowling alley, no questions asked," said Lowe. "It's not a problem."

In the meantime, Keirra keeps practising for her big chance at the Special Olympics Canada Summer Games.