Imagine being asked to have your picture taken, and then when you agree, someone pours water over your head with a watering can.

That's what 95 well-known Vancouverites signed up for in Adam Schelle And Kev Holloway's book, So It Is: Vancouver.

There are 95 portraits of people in the book, including David Suzuki, Judy Graces, and Harjit Singh Sajjan.

Photographers Schelle and Holloway say the water idea was central to the book from the beginning.

Adam Schelle

Adam Schelle, one of the creators behind So it is: Vancouver, prepares to pour water over someone before their photo shoot. He says "For the most part, everybody was in to it." (So it is: Vancouver)

"It's to get people away from thinking too much about what they look like. It's more about having people as they are everyday, which is not at their absolute best," said Holloway.

It's also an attempt to help people see past the superficial beauty of Vancouver's landscape, according to Schelle.

Wanting Qu So it is Vancouver

Kev Holloway, one of the creators behind the So it is: Vancouver project pours water over pop star Wanting Qu. (So it is: Vancouver)

"This city gets so much hype about how beautiful it is on the surface. But the city is a lot more than the beauty on the surface."

Schelle and Holloway financed their self-published book through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, where they raised $64,974. Schelle says it felt like the time was right. 

"I think this city is hitting its stride now. It's a young city."

To listen to the full audio, click the link labelled: Vancouver photographers on their self-published, crowdfunded book, 'So it is: Vancouver'