Elsewhere in Canada people may laugh, but in Metro Vancouver the few centimetres of snow that fell Monday morning was a big deal — the first real snowfall in almost two years.

Here's a look at the pretty pictures and traffic chaos that ensued, as captured on social media and by CBC staff.

sledding at QE park

Kids hit the sleds at Queen Elizabeth Park (Jacy Schindel/CBC)

Granville street bus lineup

Slippery conditions and power outages led to an epic bus line up along Granville Street (Michelle Ghoussoub/CBC)

Lougheed gridlock

Traffic on Lougheed near Gilmore was at a crawl heading west into Vancouver. (Anita Bathe/CBC)

99 B-line lineup

The 99 B-line bus lineup at Commercial and Broadway stretched as far as the eye could see thanks to the traffic chaos. (Jake Costello/CBC)