The bodies of three young men who drowned earlier this month in Slocan Lake were recovered Wednesday, after a private U.S. search team used sonar technology to locate them.

The bodies of Hayden Kyle, 21, Skye Donnet, 18 and Jule Wiltshire-Padfield, 15 were pulled from the water by an RCMP dive team working in liasion with the search team.

The three young men and their friend Lily Harmer-Taylor, 19, died earlier this month when their canoe got into trouble during a paddle along the lake's east shore.

Harmer-Taylor was pulled from the water unconscious but later died in hospital. An extensive RCMP search and rescue effort initially failed to find the three young men.

The group had borrowed the canoe from a friend in New Denver, but did not take life jackets.

Local resident Isy Shumann got in touch with Gene and Sandy Ralston of Idaho to ask for their help in finding the bodies to help provide closure for the men's family.

The Ralstons search deep waters using sonar technology to help recover drowning victims. Their system reflects acoustic returns underwater and processes the image similar to an aerial photograph in real-time to show on a computer monitor.

They previously located the bodies of Austin Kingsborough, 17, and Brendan Wilson, one day shy of his 19th birthday, after the two young men went missing last April in Nicola Lake near Merritt.

With files from Bob Keating