Metro Vancouver's SkyTrain system is still moving slowly on Tuesday afternoon after an incident near the Main Street Station caused massive delays for thousands of people during the morning rush hour.

Fred Cummings, the president of the B.C. Rapid Transit Company that operates and maintains the SkyTrain, says crews were replacing a piece of power rail last night near Main Street Station, but it was done incorrectly.

When a train hit the the replacement rail it damaged part of the train, which then ripped out the power cable on the track.

SkyTrain delays

Passengers at the Commercial Station wait for SkyTrain service on Tuesday morning. (Wayne Williams/CBC)

"As the train moved along the track it actually tore out a section of the automatic train control cable, so that shut the system down," said Cummings.

All morning, commuters where frustrated by system-wide delays and many took to social media to vent their frustration or warn fellow commuters to avoid the travel chaos.

Cummings says trains are moving all along the system now, but slower in the problem section near the Main Street Station.

He expects crews to complete a full repair overnight, but says commuters should expect full service this afternoon.