Skunk with head stuck in jar rescued by B.C. woman

A lucky skunk gets saved - but is his rescuer sprayed?

Woman makes deal with skunk stuck in jar: Don't spray me and I'll save you

This isn't the jarhead skunk Roxanne Davies came across in North Vancouver, but it's a decent likeness. ( Jeff Schrier/The Saginaw News/AP Photo)

Roxanne Davies was out walking her dog in North Vancouver, B.C., this week, when she heard some unusual scraping noises coming from around a corner.

She took a peek, and saw two skunks, one with a jar stuck on its head.

"I thought to myself, 'I gotta help the skunk,'" she told CBC News. "He was in distress."

She told CBC News she had been sprayed last month, so she hesitated at first.

But, she mustered the courage to approach the skunk, and she made a deal with it.

"I looked at him and said, 'Please don't spray me, I will take this jar off your head.'"

So she did. And as her heart thumped with adrenalin, she was thanked by the little creature in its own way: she didn't get sprayed.

Davies and the skunk parted ways, and as the critters bumbled off she thought there was a message to share about how to deal with our recycling.

"We are all using these jars now, so make sure you keep them somewhere an animal doesn't get its head stuck in it," she said.


With files from the CBC's Tina Lovgreen


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