It's been so wet in Whistler, B.C., that skiers and snowboarders zipped up their wetsuits for splash landings through puddles in a Beach Boys-themed surf video.

The video, posted by members of the University of British Columbia Freeride club, shows riders splashing down in a giant slushy puddle to the tune of Surfin' Safari.

Seth Gillis and Peter Wojnar recorded the video with friends and a GoPro camera on the long weekend. Gillis said they wanted to make light of the spring-like snow conditions that have been getting powder-lovers down.

"Basically just that you could have fun no matter what the conditions were," said the 20-year-old UBC geography student.

"We were trying to make the best of the weather. Obviously it was not optimal for skiing."

surfboard snowboard

As though paddling through the surf, a snowboarder takes to the slushy slopes in Whistler. (Peter Wojnar/Vimeo)

'You'd be better off surfing'

The group made the video just as Whistler was soaked with a Pineapple Express that brought 60 millimetres of rain, and the temperature remained over freezing above the Whistler-Blackcomb peaks.

But Wojnar, 22, isn't ready to write off this ski season.

"Any season is unpredictable. It could turn on in a week and not stop for a while," said Wojnar, also a geography student at UBC.

"But for now the conditions definitely look like you'd be better off surfing."

With files from Jeff Harrington and Johanna Wagstaffe