Ski BASE jumper leaps off Chief in 'dream' location of Squamish, B.C.

Watch extreme sports enthusiast Pryce Brown's heart-stopping video of himself skiing and then jumping off the Stawamus Chief Mountain in Squamish, B.C.

Pryce Brown shared a heart-stopping video of him skiing and then jumping off the Stawamus Chief Mountain

Alaskan man Pryce Brown has skied and skydived around the world, but he says his first-ever ski BASE jump off The Chief in Squamish, B.C. was "a dream."

"It's a really clean exit," said Brown in a phone interview. "Really great landing zone. One of the best spots in North America."

The extreme sports enthusiast shared a video of himself ski BASE jumping off the Stawamus Chief Mountain for the first time on Dec. 26.

Ski BASE jumping, which only developed in recent years, combines the momentum of skiing with BASE jumping — parachuting or wingsuit flying off a building, antenna, span or earth/cliff.

Extreme sports enthusiast Pryce Brown took a death defying leap of faith off The Chief on Dec. 26 while skiing. (Pryce Brown/Vimeo)

In his video, Brown is seen skiing downhill on top of the Chief. As he zips towards the edge of the granite monolith, he leaps off in a massive, free-falling jump.

During that heart-stopping moment, he triggers his parachute.

"It's a period of intense beauty by being able to experience the elements in this kind of extreme fashion — really testing the human capability in the natural environment," said Brown.

Despite the extreme nature of his sport, Brown insists it is safe — citing endless gear checks and year-round practice.

"It's definitely not something that somebody who just walks off the street and does."

Brown says during the shoot he was in the company of fellow jumpers, who helped him with safety and filming.


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