Canada lynx

This lynx was spotted by Kelowna's Tracy Campbell on the west side of Big White Ski Resort in B.C. on Saturday, March 11. (Tracy Campbell)

Sea otter pups meet adult sea otter Tanu

Introducing young sea otter pups to an adult can be a tricky business says UBC Prof. (Vancouver Aquarium)

Harlow family

There are three generations of bus drivers in the Harlow family: David (left), Michelle Fullard, and John. (David Harlow)

Anna Lin and RyanMatheson

Anna Lin held her birthday party at a Canada Blood Services clinic in Vancouver on Thursday, March 16. Ryan Matheson attended to say thank you to her and other donors who helped people like his late mother. (David Horemans/CBC)

Mirza Saquib Sarwar

PhD student Mirza Saquib Sarwar holds up the prototype of a bendable, stretchable touch sensor he helped develop. (Clare Kiernan/UBC Public Affairs)

trans sign

A new washroom sign at Vancouver city hall welcomes trans people. The new signage will be installed at other city-owned buildings in the coming months. (City of Vancouver)