Have you ever found yourself stuck on a crowded SkyTrain car when you're overcome with the need for a bathroom break?

Mayor of Coquitlam â€‹Richard Stewart says transit users need some relief and wants to see the installation of public facilities at the new Evergreen line SkyTrain stations.

"One of the issues here in the suburbs now that they've extended the SkyTrain is you are on public transit for more than an hour," said Stewart.

But TransLink has never installed washrooms for the public, due to the high cost of installing, operating, securing and maintaining them.

Stewart says TransLink should think of their transit riders.

"We have to take initiatives to ensure our transit system is as user friendly as possible, and this is one way to ensure riders don't have to cross their legs."

Toronto's subway system has a handful of public washrooms, but in a recent poll they rated among the top five least appealing bathrooms in the city.

But Stewart says it can work. He suggests TransLink barter space for maintenance with a retail outlet.

"I think if it doubles in conjunction with a coffee shop, if we were to have a lease agreement that included they had to maintain the washroom."

TransLink says most stations have areas where there are washrooms nearby, and for now, it has no intention of putting in public washrooms.