Simon Fraser University's student newspaper The Peak has filmed professors reading out mean student reviews of themselves, apparently taking their cue from Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" videos.

Everyone's had a particularly tough school instructor at some point in their life. Maybe he or she was too hard on assignments. Perhaps they failed to inspire or gave you too much work.

'She will mock your aspirations, then cackle over the remains of your spirit' - Mean review read out by Professor Nicky Didicher

Or...maybe you were just too lazy.

Now the Peak is offering an assortment of student reviews read out by the professors themselves on its website and on YouTube.

Entitled Professors read mean reviews about themselves, the concept is similar to a segment on late-night U.S. talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, in which stars read out disparaging messages they received on Twitter.

In the SFU version, instructors gamely read lines like, "If you want to get a good grade, avoid her or you will get sadness," and "Good lecturer, ugly shoes."

The professors all seem to take it in their stride, especially those accused of having "stunning good looks"...!

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