Police say a 36-year-old woman is in custody Monday after allegedly stabbing a 71-year-old man at the Seven Oaks Shopping Centre in Abbotsford.

Police say they were called to the mall's food court at around 12:30 p.m. PT about a woman threatening to stab people.

Abbotsford Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Judy Bird says after officers arrived, they witnessed the woman stab the man in the back with a knife.

They arrested her "immediately," she said.

"The victim and the female suspect have absolutely no relation," Bird said. "They have never spoken before, they have never met before."

"He is speaking and cooperating with our investigators," she said.

Bird says the woman is not an Abbotsford resident and is still in custody with charges pending.

The woman is known to other area police forces, she said, but has not had contact with Abbotsford police.

She says the Abbotsford Police Department is investigating and is asking anyone with information on the alleged crime to contact them.