An 88-year-old man is recovering after he was attacked in his bed during an alleged home invasion in downtown Prince George.

RCMP say the elderly man had been asleep for hours in his ground-floor apartment when he awoke to a stranger on top of him, beating him in his bed.

Police believe the assailant climbed in through an open window.

The victim described his attacker as a tall man, aged 25 to 30, with a thin build.

Cpl. Craig Douglass said despite the 50-year age difference, the "tough" and "feisty" senior, who worked a labour job until two years ago, managed to fight his young attacker off.

Coors light backpack

This Coors Light backpack was left behind by the suspect, who allegedly assaulted a senior in his home in Prince George, B.C. (RCMP)

"Certainly the results could have been much worse," he said.

In his haste, the attacker left behind a distinctive clue — a Coors Light backpack beer cooler police say they hope will help them identify a suspect.

The senior was treated in hospital for bruising and cuts.

Douglass said the attack was unprovoked, and there was no apparent reason for it.

"I just don't understand sometimes when these things happen, how people can do them," he said. "Especially with senior citizens involved — it's kind of heinous."

With files from Betsy Trumpener