A black Labrador in Seattle, Wash, is so keen to get to the dog park for a walk that she reportedly jumps onto a bus solo and rides to her destination before jumping off.

According to Seattle's KOMO TV News, local radio host Miles Montgomery was amazed to see the pooch get off the bus, without an owner, at a dog park last week.

The dog, which is named Eclipse, and her owner Jeff Young, live right near a bus stop, which is about three stops away from the dog park, which they visit most days.

US-ODD-Bus-Riding Dog

If her owner takes too long finishing his cigarette, and their bus arrives, Eclipse climbs aboard solo and rides to her stop, the dog park. (KOMO TV/Associated Press)

Young said his dog sometimes gets on the bus without him if he takes too long finishing his cigarette, and he catches up with her at the dog park three or four stops away.

In Young's words, "She's a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog."

According to KOMO, other regular commuters on the route confirm Eclipse regularly hops on the bus alone, grabs a seat where she can watch out the window for her stop, and then gets off at the park.

"All the bus drivers know her ... She makes everybody happy," commuter Tiona Rainwater said.

A Seattle transit spokesman said the agency loves that a dog appreciates public transit.

Watch the KOMO TV report