Crews searched the waters of Lynn Creek on Sunday and Monday for a missing 26-year-old man. ((CBC))

Rescue crews scaled back the search for a 26-year-old man who was swept away in Lynn Creek in North Vancouver on Sunday afternoon.

Dive teams stopped their search Monday afternoon but North Shore Search and Rescue continued to walk the banks of the creek, North Vancouver RCMP said.

Police have not released any personal details about the missing man.

"At this point we're still calling it a rescue … That being said, we still have scaled down [the search] somewhat," Cpl. Peter Devries said Monday.

Rescue crews responded to an emergency call in Lynn Canyon Park at about 5 p.m. PT Sunday.


Cpl. Peter Devries is asking people to use caution around the waters this summer because they are more powerful than they appear. ((CBC))

Devries said a group of friends were trying to cross the river.

"He was the last one in the line to come across. He lost his footing and he started to get swept down the river," Devries said.

"At one point he clung onto a rock and they were trying to get him. They had a stick. He tried to grab it, lost his grip, then got swept downstream and that was the last they saw of him."

Just hours earlier, the body of another man in his 50s was recovered from the Cleveland Dam in North Vancouver. Police said they did not suspect foul play.

Caution around creek: RCMP

Police are asking people to use caution this summer because the waters are more powerful than they appear.

"The river right now is quite high. The last few days of hot weather have caused a pretty heavy runoff from the snowpacks on the mountains. The river is particularly dangerous right now," Devries said of Lynn Creek.

Sam Newton took his son, Max, to Lynn Creek on Monday for a day in the water.

"Jumping off, you get this tingling feeling when you're in midair and it's just fun hitting the water," Max said.

"I really don't have too much concern. He's a responsible kid," the father said. "He knows where to go, and we're not in what I consider to be the dangerous part of this canyon."