Vancouver's Scrape Records still looking for new owner to continue metal legacy

Vancouver's heavy metal fans say they are sad to see their favourite hangout spot, Scrape Records, go after 18 years if a new owner can't keep it rockin'.

Owner J. J. Caithcart gives himself a January deadline to sell the store

Scrape Records owner, J. J. Caithcart (left), says he will close his store down if he can't find a buyer in January. (CBC)

Vancouver's heavy metal fans say they are sad to see their favourite hangout spot, Scrape Records, go after 18 years if a new owner can't be found to keep it rockin'.

The all-metal records store is doing well, but its owner, J. J. Caithcart, says it was time to let the business go. He has given himself a January deadline to sell it.

"[I] made the decision years ago to not do this forever, but it was also a hard decision to know when to stop or to sell when the store still does quite well."

A loss for the community

Caithcart first made the decision to sell his business back in April. He says he's had some interest since then but the deals have fallen through.

It hasn't been easy telling customers about the looming deadline.

J.J. Caithcart has run Scrape Records for the past 18 years. (Liam Britten/CBC)

"Customers have made it what it is and I feel like I'm not coming through for them by selling it or letting it go," he said.

The store has hosted live performances and sold concert tickets and specialized merchandise, making it a favourite spot for metal and rock music enthusiasts.

Regular customers like Dave Creedon say the store is popular because Caithcart is a metalhead himself.

"A lot of people bring in product but he actually listens to it."

Others say losing the store will be a loss for the whole community.

"It's a meeting place — you gain knowledge and where do you go to do that?" said longtime customer Roland Baumann.

With files from Kiran Dhillon


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