A Surrey high school is going to court on Monday in an effort to get the star of its basketball team back into the game for the provincial championships.

Princess Margaret's Grade 8 team is unbeaten this season, thanks in large part to the outstanding play of 13-year-old Harleen Sidhu.

But now the teen has been benched on a technicality.

Harleen Sidhu has been told by B.C. School Sports she can't play in Monday's qualifying tournament game for the provincials because she played briefly for the senior team.

She says the junior team has worked hard this season, and this is a blow.

"Knowing that we played so hard to get where we are today, they're willing to take our dreams away.

"It's just very devastating for all of us," says Sidhu.

The school is seeking a court injunction to have Monday's game postponed and also wants the judge to order B.C. School Sports to grant the school an appeal.

The director of athletics at Princess Margaret believes a competing coach complained about Sidhu.

Jim McMurtry says he hopes the B.C. Supreme Court will give his school the decision it needs.

"A just conclusion to this which is to see Harleen Sidhu who played just 12 minutes with our senior team, play basketball," he says.