As Schitt's Creek wraps up for a second season, the CBC comedy is on a roll — it just picked up nine awards at the Canadian Screen Awards, including best TV comedy and best comedy actor and actress for Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara.

Annie Murphy, who plays Alexis Rose on the show, said she knew the show would do well as soon as she heard Levy and O'Hara were a part of it and read the script for the audition.

"Those six pages made me laugh, and so I knew right away that the show was going to be a success, but I didn't realize what a success it would be," Murphy said.  

"It's been such a warm, awesome reception. The fans are genuine fans."

The show is centred on the Rose family, who find themselves in the destitute town of Schitt's Creek after Levy's character has lost his wealth and is left only with the town his family bought as a joke during the height of their wealth.

Murphy, who was in Vancouver for a special VIP event for the show's "superfans", told Our Vancouver host Gloria Macarenko that she enjoys playing the spoilt and bratty Alexis, even if she hopes she's not too much like her in real life.

"I love playing Alexis because she says and does things that I would never ever dream of doing in my life," she said.

'Bizzare chemistry right off the bat'

"But one thing I really love about the character is despite all the crappy situations that the family find themselves in,  Alexis is the one to be able to find the silver lining and the good and the fun in the situation, so I kind of identify with that positive side of her."

Murphy, who lives in Toronto, said the actors crack each other up constantly on set. She particularly enjoys the chemistry she shares with Dan Levy, who plays her onscreen brother.

"We had this bizarre chemistry right off the bat," she said.

"I  feel like in another life we were an old crotchety married couple or something. We love pushing each other's buttons on screen and off screen and we have so much fun together."

In the video above, Murphy tells Our Vancouver host Gloria Macarenko what it's like to work with Canadian comedy greats Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara.