Local Twitter sensation @ScanBC made it big in the summer when it was featured on Hollywood director Kevin Smith's podcast — and now it's getting the comic book treatment.

The popular Twitter account, which tweets out information from emergency services radio chatter around B.C., among other things, is the subject of Kelly Brack's new work for Noir Comics.

"It's just very dramatic and very dark humour, and I just feel that it should be visualized," Brack told On The Coast host Stephen Quinn.

Brack says his comic book will be inspired by the happenings on @ScanBC, but will have a larger storyline about a Vancouver detective who believes the mysterious and unexplained crimes in the city are connected to a single crime boss.

"I found a way to tell a serious, dramatic crime story and have anything weird happening in a @ScanBC tweet make sense to my story," he said. "I had a lot of fun coming up with this premise."

Brack says he hopes to release the comic sometime in the spring.

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