Sam Sung auctions off Apple store specialist business card

An ironically-named Vancouverite has hit upon a humorous way to make some money for charity.

Ironically-named Vancouverite selling card framed and packaged with his former uniform

Ironically-named Vancouverite Sam Sung has hit upon a humorous way to make some money for charity — auctioning off his old Apple business card for on eBay.

The business card comes framed and packaged with his former uniform. Sung, who used to work as an Apple Store Specialist at the Pacific Centre Mall, says he is trying to make the best of his situation. 

"I just stumbled upon it the other day, when it fell out of a book. And I thought, 'Hey! Why not auction this off for charity?' I think that is perhaps, one of the nice things I could have done with this kind of situation," he said.

Samsung and Apple are competitors, so when a photo of Sam Sung's business card was posted online, it went viral. (

Sung, whose name is the same as one of Apple's major competitors, got a lot of attention on social media when a photo of his business card went viral.

But he didn't think it was appropriate to speak about the irony of his name and place of work, while employed at Apple. 

"At the time I don't think there was any graceful way to approach that kind of attention. So I just didn't," said Sung. 

Originally from Glasgow, Sung moved to Vancouver a couple of years ago. He says he will be donating all the money, minus the eBay fees, to Children's Wish B.C. and Yukon

"The organization grants wishes to terminally ill children, and I don't think there is anything more amazing than that" said Sung.

He hopes to be able to contribute to one wish, which costs about $10,000. 

And when it comes to who is bidding on the card? 

"I have no idea...I am hoping it goes to another fellow Apple enthusiast and someone who has a bit of sense of humour." 

Former Apple Specialist, Sam Sung is auctioning off his business card for charity (


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