The Richmond Fire Department is investigating a suspicious fire at Rusty's Auto Towing on River Road in Richmond that broke out around 11:30 p.m. PT Sunday.

Firefighters say at least three dump trucks were fully engulfed in flames when they arrived.

The fire was located at the back of a large compound on the company's lot and firefighters had to force the gate open to gain access.

Further complicating firefighting efforts was the location of the closest hydrant, which was some distance away on on River Road.

The fire has been deemed "suspicious" by the fire department. Investigators have been called in to determine the cause.

The trucks were reportedly worth more than $200,000 apiece.

Rusty's Towing

Three dump trucks go up in flames Sunday night in what the Richmond Fire Department is calling a suspicious fire. (Shane MacKichan)

Three dump trucks destroyed in suspicious fire at Rusty's Towing in Richmond, B.C.

The wrecks of the three trucks sit behind plastic yellow tape that reads "fire line - do not cross" on Monday. The trucks were reportedly worth more than $200,000 apiece. (Deborah Goble/CBC)

With files from the CBC's Deborah Goble