Robin Williams: Vancouverites recall encounters with star

Robin Williams touched the lives of many people, some of whom shared their stories with CBC Vancouver on Facebook.

Dozens of people share their memories of meeting, talking to Robin Williams in Vancouver

Comedian Robin Williams is shown in this 2005 photo, performing an impromptu comedy routine in between acts at the Tsunami Relief concert in Vancouver, B.C. (Richard Lam/Canadian Press)

Robin Williams touched the lives of many people, including hundreds who call Metro Vancouver home.

The Academy Award winning actor, who died Monday, shot a number of blockbuster movies in the city including Jumanji and Night at the Museum and would visit local comic book shops and comedy clubs during his downtime.

Here, in Vancouver, he touched the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people, some of whom shared their Robin Williams encounter stories on CBC's Facebook page.

Here are some of those stories:

I met him when I worked in a boutique store in Yaletown about 12 years ago. He was very kind, genuine and was much calmer than I expected. He told me he spends ample time in Vancouver as he liked cycling in the area and liked how chill everyone was and how they treated him like a human. Ah man... I never forgot that day and I'll never forget him. True legend. Rest in peace, Robin.  — Danielle De Marchi

I was at a comedy show at the Urban Well in Kitsilano on a Canada Day. Robin Williams just shows up and came in and told a few jokes and got the whole room singing Oh Canada. Was so sad and shocked to hear he is gone. RIP Robin. — ​Sharon McLean

Robin Williams on Canada (Reddit)

My husband and I went to the Scotiabank Theatre late one evening to see 'Over the Hedge' (because we are nerds and enjoyed watching children's movies by ourselves before we had kids); the theatre was basically empty, and in walks Robin Williams. He smiled and then sat down right in front of us. His laughter during the film made it a million times more enjoyable – we couldn't help but laugh out loud every time he did – and you could tell he appreciated that no one bothered him. He was a great man will truly be missed. — ​​Lauren Mitchell

Robin Williams poses with Dave Benning, who painted a portrait of the actor and comedian. (Dave Benning)

I had the pleasure of painting this portrait of Robin.. The short time I spent with him was such a great experience, I have always been a huge fan. He was so genuine, kind, appreciative and warm. I will never forget that experience... Truly a comic legend we have lost. May he rest well. Thanks for the laughter. — ​​Dave Benning

I was a little kid when I met Robin during the filming of Jumanji in my small hometown of Tsawwassen. Our Liquidation Store had been temporarily converted into a shop called "Sir Save-A-Lot" for the film and he was on his break, perfectly comfortable with being visible to the public. It still makes me smile that he was willing to talk to this tiny little girl in his spare time and I remember thinking he was pretty cool for a grown-up. It breaks my heart to know that a man responsible for bringing laughter, empathy and humanity out in people was secretly in so much pain. — ​​Caitlin Toom

I got to meet Robin Williams on Davie Street in Vancouver in April. I actually held his hand! and was able to thank him for his work on Dead Poet's Society (I teach English). He was very funny, and very kind – and to tell you the truth, an extremely intelligent man and very aware of all the people around him. This was probably the gift of his comedic genius – the ability to be astutely aware of everyone around him. Unfortunately, however, I think that it was too much to bear. RIP Robin Williams, you touched a lot of people in your life, including me. — ​​​Susan MacRae

I heard about him singing the Marilyn Munroe happy birthday to Jean Chretien, while sitting on his lap at the Pan Pacific Hotel. — Kelly Proctor

While working downtown at Take 5, I had the pleasure of serving Robin Williams multiple times over his shoots of Night at the Museum and I have never met a nicer customer. He would thank me profusely from the bottom of his heart every time I made him his venti soy chai and he truly meant it. On his last day he came over and thanked everyone at the shop personally. There can't be enough said to his kindness and this world is a sadder, less funny place with him gone. —​ Nick Friesen

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Compiled from comments on CBC Vancouver's Facebook page


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