Assault charges against Richmond FC soccer coach Roberto Sciascia have been stayed, meaning the veteran elite coach will have no criminal convictions, according to B.C.'s criminal justice branch.

Sciascia, 55, was charged last April with two counts of assault and suspended indefinitely by B.C. Soccer, based on two separate alleged incidents on the soccer field.

In one, he was accused of going too far demonstrating a defensive technique, putting his hands around a 12-year old player's neck in a "choking manner."

The second alleged assault involved a player on the U13 team Sciascia was coaching.

The charges were stayed after the Crown was satisfied Sciascia had been properly rehabilitated, said Criminal Justice Branch spokesman Neil MacKenzie.

"Our policy recognizes that alternative measures can appropriately and effectively address whatever harm has been done to a community and allows the offender to be rehabilitated and accept responsibility," said MacKenzie.

MacKenzie would not say what those measures were in this case, but said in general the programs can include community service, an apology or restitution to complainants.

BC Soccer has not yet responded to say whether Sciascia will be reinstated as a coach.

Sciascia was not in court and his lawyer did not comment following the proceedings.


  • A previous version of this story quoted Neil MacKenzie as saying Criminal Justice Branch policies allow offenders to be reinstated. In fact, he said rehabilitated.
    Jan 27, 2016 6:08 AM PT
With files from Richard Zussman