ICBC says it's one of the worst cases of road rage caught on camera in B.C. 

The driver who captured the dash cam footage earlier this month in Langley says he was driving westbound on Highway 1 around 264 Street when he noticed a work truck veering in and out of the lane as it appeared to try to catch up with a smaller car. 

The truck driver seems to try and run the car off the road and then chases it towards the HOV lane where they almost collide with a large fuel truck.

He says the two vehicles appeared to be driving at speeds of 160 km/h, right up to 208 Street. 

Other drivers steered clear to avoid the two speeding motorists.

Mark Milner, an ICBC road safety manager, says it's incredibly lucky no one was hurt. 

"There's so much in this video that could have gone so terribly wrong," he said.

The video has been handed over to the RCMP. The B.C. Ministry of Transportation is also investigating. 

With files from Jesse Johnston