B.C. Liberal caucus workers who are paid to spend their days highlighting the efforts of Liberal members of the legislature are being told to keep their noses out of Liberal Party attack ads while on government time.

Liberal caucus spokesman Ben James says caucus workers were reminded Monday their caucus duties do not include doing party work during their day jobs.

James says a caucus-wide note was issued after emails surfaced indicating some members of the Liberal caucus helped produce a Liberal Party website criticizing New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix.

The Can'tAffordDix.ca website, also known as Risky Dix, was released by the Liberal Party in October 2011, calling Dix the architect of B.C.'s economic decline during the 1990s and reminding voters he "fabricated a memo" for former NDP premier Glen Clark.


No working on attack ads on government time, B.C. Liberal caucus staffers have been reminded. (CBC)

NDP social development critic Carole James says the anti-Dix website and its creators reveal a government and party out of ideas as it sputters towards a May election.

"The public sees a premier who is obsessed with getting re-elected instead of being obsessed with what should be her job, which is improving the lives of British Columbians," James said.

Officials in Premier Christy Clark's office say they are not commenting on the creation and release of the website.

With files from the CBC's Stephen Smart