A distracted driver pulled over after nearly colliding with a Richmond RCMP officer turned out to have 12 prior convictions for using an electronic device while behind the wheel.

"I have never encountered anyone with that many convictions for distracted driving, ever," media liaison officer Cpl. Dennis Hwang told CBC News Thursday.

He even took an informal poll around the station and couldn't find anyone who had heard of anyone with a record that long.

Hwang tweeted out the driver's record that listed her convictions since 2011, noting the department's shock.

The current penalty for a distracted driving infraction in B.C. is a fine of $167 plus three penalty points. If they incur more than three points, they must also pay a penalty premium on their insurance.

Further convictions could lead to the driver losing their licence.

Hwang said the middle-aged female driver in this case, "might be a good candidate for having their driving license reviewed."