B.C. Environment Minister Terry Lake has suspended the assessment of a proposed jet fuel pipeline to Vancouver International Airport.

Lake says the ministry needs to compile more information on land and marine-based spill preparedness and responses before any decision is made.

"It is a controversial project and I think when you have something that evokes a lot of concern in the community and you know there is more information that is coming that may be helpful in making the decision ... we owe it to the public to make sure that we do consider that new information."

The project, proposed by the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation, would have seen jet fuel shipped in tankers up the south arm of the Fraser River to a new off-loading and fuel storage terminal near Riverport, where it would then be shipped to existing fuel facilities at Vancouver International Airport via a 15-kilometre pipeline.

The project drew widespread criticism, including from Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie who says the city wasn't consulted during the process.