Yogi, Rottweiler-cross, to be euthanized following attack in Richmond park

The dog that attacked three people in a Richmond, B.C., park in December is to be euthanized.

Twin sisters and neighbour injured while trying to protect toddler from boyfriend's dog

Yogi, a Rottweiler-husky cross that attacked a toddler and left a woman in critical condition, is to be euthanized. (Lucas MacNeil)

The dog that attacked three people in a Richmond, B.C., park in December is to be euthanized.

Yogi, a Rottweiler-husky cross, attacked three people in the park, prompting the City of Richmond to apply for the dog's destruction.

The dog's owner Lucas MacNeil signed Yogi over to the city on Tuesday, following the setting of a Feb. 23 court date.

Kati Mather was left in critical condition after she was bitten more than 100 times in the attack. She required emergency surgery.

Mather was in the park with her twin sister Jessi (MacNeil's girlfriend) and Jessi's toddler son, intervening after Yogi attacked the three-year-old.

A Good Samaritan was also injured trying to help. 

Officers found Mather on the ground, covered in blood and trying to fend off the 35-kilogram dog. 

Initially MacNeil defended his dog, posting photos and videos of Yogi on social media as part of a campaign that portrayed him as sweet and lovable.

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