A controversial U.S. blogger who has published material suggesting rape inside a private home should be legal is planning rallies in Vancouver, Victoria and Surrey this weekend, but municipal leaders say neither he nor his group is welcome.

Daryush Valizadeh, better known as Roosh-V, advises men on his blog on the best methods to convince women to have sex with them. He is the author of Bang, which he describes as a "textbook for picking up girls."

"The violent and hateful positions spread by this organization are about as far apart from Vancouver's values as I can imagine," Mayor Gregor Robertson said. 

"I know there are real concerns in this city of the hate speech they frankly put out there."

Roosh V's Return of Kings blog advertises itself as a "safe space on the web" for "heterosexual, masculine men" to assert themselves in a "politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men."


The group has planned gatherings in 10 Canadian cities on Feb. 6., but there is talk online of those against Roosh V holding a rally in the same location.

Other Canadian leaders voice opposition

"It's hate speech. It's violence. It goes against everything I believe our residents stand for," said Victoria city councillor Jeremy Loveday.

Loveday said he has no idea what sort of presence Return of Kings has in Victoria, and whether anyone would show up.

"Hopefully we can keep moving forward and talking about how we can build healthy masculinities and not violent masculinities," he said.

The mayors of WinnipegToronto, Calgary and Ottawa have also spoken out against Roosh V and his gatherings.

With files from Richard Zussman