Residents of a small town in the Similkameen region are banding together to build a permanent roof over their outdoor ice rink, despite having a budget far short of the estimated cost of the project.

The 300 people who live in Tulameen, B.C. say that winter snow ruins the natural ice, but bids to construct a new roof cost two to three times more than the $300,000 the town had for the project.

Instead of paying a contractor, the community decided to build the roof themselves with local companies, stores and families providing the labour, equipment and some materials.

"It's just a complete community effort on this place," says Rod Hassell, one of the organizers for the construction project.

"Everybody has just been absolutely amazing. The truckers, the equipment, the concrete guys—someone brought in dirt. Just amazing. Someone donated scaffolding. It just goes on," says Mardi Hassell, a key organizer and Rod's wife.

The roof is expected to be completed this week, and Mardi Hassell hopes it will enhance Tulameen as an outdoor recreation destination.

With files from the CBC's Brady Strachan.